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Orkin Review: Pros, Cons & Customer Feedback

I highly recommend Bedbug Exterminators Queens for anyone dealing with a bedbug problem. Their technicians were knowledgeable, thorough, and courteous. Thanks to them, my home is now bedbug-free!

Michael P


Are you dealing with a pest infestation and looking for a reliable pest control provider? Look no further than Orkin. With a reputation for excellent service and effective treatments, Orkin has garnered a loyal customer base across the country. But what do Orkin reviews outside of their website say? In this article, I’ll dive into the reviews from various sources to give you a comprehensive understanding of what customers have to say about Orkin’s services. From glowing testimonials to a few negative experiences, we’ll explore it all, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to protecting your home from pests.

Pros and Cons of Orkin

When it comes to choosing a pest control provider, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each option. Orkin, with its long history and reputation in the industry, has both positive aspects and some areas that may not be as appealing. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of Orkin’s services:


  1. More than a century of experience: Orkin has been in business since 1901, giving them over 100 years of knowledge and expertise in pest control. This extensive experience is a testament to their commitment to excellence.
  2. Reliable service: Orkin has built a loyal customer base, thanks to their reputation for providing excellent service. Their technicians undergo rigorous training and use state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to address pest problems effectively.
  3. Money-back guarantee: Orkin offers a money-back guarantee during the first 30 days of service. This provides peace of mind to customers, knowing that they have the option to seek a refund if they are not satisfied with the results.
  4. Convenient online features: Orkin’s website offers online quotes and a library of pest resources. This makes it easy for customers to get information and quotes without having to make a phone call or schedule an appointment.

  1. No live chat support: One downside of Orkin’s digital customer service is the lack of a live chat feature. While they provide other means of communication, such as phone and email, live chat would be a convenient option for customers seeking quick assistance or answers to their queries.
  2. No free or discounted initial inspections: Unlike some other pest control providers, Orkin does not offer free or discounted initial inspections. This may be a consideration for those looking for cost-saving opportunities when starting their pest control services.

It’s important to note that the pros and cons mentioned here are based on general observations and customer reviews. Ultimately, the decision to choose Orkin or any other pest control provider should be based on your specific needs and preferences.

Orkin Plans and Services

General Pest Control

Orkin offers comprehensive general pest control services that target a wide range of common household pests. Their general plan covers up to 20 different types of pests, including ants, cockroaches, rodents, and stinging insects. With their extensive experience in the industry, Orkin technicians are trained to provide effective treatments, ensuring that your home remains pest-free.

The general pest control plan starts with an initial inspection and tailored treatment to address the specific pest issues you’re facing. This thorough approach allows Orkin to tackle the biggest potential pest problem right from the start. After the initial visit, the subsequent general pest control treatments are scheduled on a bimonthly basis to ensure continuous protection against pests.

Termite Control

Termites can be a major concern for homeowners, as they can cause significant damage to the structure of your property. Orkin offers reliable termite control services to protect your home from these destructive pests. Their experts conduct an initial inspection to determine the extent of the infestation and identify the areas that require treatment.

Orkin provides a range of termite control solutions, including both preventive measures and treatment for existing infestations. Their technicians are trained to use a combination of methods, such as baiting systems, liquid treatments, and barriers, to effectively eliminate termites and prevent future infestations. With Orkin’s termite control services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is protected.

Mosquito Services

Mosquitoes can not only be irritating but also pose health risks due to the diseases they can transmit. Orkin offers mosquito services to help you enjoy your outdoor spaces without the nuisance of these pesky insects. Their mosquito control program includes targeted treatments that specifically target mosquitoes and their breeding grounds.

Orkin uses a combination of techniques to control mosquitoes, including residual sprays, larvicides, and habitat modifications. Their experts will thoroughly inspect your property to identify potential breeding sites and implement strategies to eliminate them. By reducing mosquito populations around your home, Orkin can help create a more enjoyable outdoor environment for you and your family.

Bedbug Services

Bedbugs are becoming an increasingly common problem, and getting rid of them can be a challenging task. Orkin offers specialized bedbug services to effectively eliminate these pests from your home. Their technicians undergo rigorous training and use the latest techniques and tools to ensure the best results.

Orkin’s bedbug services start with a thorough inspection to determine the extent of the infestation and identify the specific areas that require treatment. They employ a combination of heat, freezing, and chemical treatments to eradicate bedbugs at all life stages. By targeting both the bugs and their eggs, Orkin’s bedbug services provide a comprehensive solution to this persistent problem.

Remember, when considering pest control services, it’s important to evaluate your specific needs and preferences. Orkin’s plans and services offer a range of options to address common household pests, termites, mosquitoes, and bedbugs. Choose the plan that best suits your requirements and let Orkin’s experts take care of your pest control needs.

Orkin Pricing

When it comes to pest control services, pricing is an essential factor to consider. Orkin offers a personalized pricing structure for each customer, ensuring that you only pay for the specific services you need. While Terminix provides base-level pricing and addons, Orkin’s customized pricing allows for greater flexibility and tailored solutions to your pest control needs.

It’s important to note that the cost of pest control services can vary widely depending on several factors, including the degree of infestation, the size of your home, and the location. Additionally, the difficulty of accessing pests and the specific services required can also impact the overall cost.

When you visit Orkin’s website, you won’t find detailed pricing information readily available. However, their customized pricing approach guarantees that you receive a fair and accurate estimate based on your unique circumstances. By assessing the specific pests and the severity of the infestation, Orkin can provide a more accurate pricing plan that addresses your specific needs.

While Terminix may provide more transparent pricing information, it’s important to remember that the effectiveness and quality of the services are just as crucial as the cost. Orkin’s extensive experience in the pest control industry and their commitment to personalized solutions make them a reliable choice.

When choosing a pest control provider, it’s essential to evaluate your individual needs and preferences. While pricing is undoubtedly a crucial factor, it’s equally important to consider the company’s reputation, expertise, and effectiveness in dealing with pests. With Orkin, you can expect a customized pricing plan that takes into account your specific pest control requirements, ensuring that you receive the most effective and efficient solutions for your home or business.

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How Orkin Compares to the Competition

When considering a pest control provider, it’s important to evaluate how they stack up against their competitors. In the case of Orkin, I can confidently say that they are a top player in the industry. Let’s take a closer look at how Orkin compares to the competition:

  1. Experience and Expertise: Orkin boasts over 100 years of experience in the pest control industry. This extensive track record speaks volumes about their knowledge and expertise in tackling a wide range of pest issues. Many competitors simply can’t match Orkin’s level of experience.
  2. Effective Treatments: One of the key factors that set Orkin apart is the effectiveness of their treatments. They utilize advanced techniques and cutting-edge technology to address pest infestations. Orkin’s commitment to providing effective solutions is reflected in their loyal customer base and positive reviews.
  3. Guarantee: Orkin offers a money-back guarantee on their services, demonstrating their confidence in the results they deliver. This guarantee provides peace of mind to customers, knowing that they will be satisfied with the outcome of the treatment.
  4. Convenient Online Features: Orkin understands the importance of convenience for their customers. They offer a user-friendly website where customers can easily schedule appointments, access account information, and even manage payments. This level of convenience sets Orkin apart from some of their competitors.

While Orkin clearly has a lot to offer, it’s important to note that every pest control provider has their own strengths and weaknesses. By comparing Orkin to other options in your local area, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your specific needs and preferences. Remember, it’s crucial to evaluate factors such as pricing, customer reviews, and the range of services offered before making a final choice.

Orkin Locations

Orkin is one of the largest and most well-known pest control companies in the United States. With over 400 franchise locations spread across 49 states and Washington DC, Orkin has a vast service area that covers a significant portion of the country. Whether you live in a bustling city or a remote rural area, chances are you’ll find an Orkin location near you.

The extensive network of Orkin locations is one of the factors that contribute to their popularity. Being within Orkin’s service area means that homeowners can access their reliable and effective pest control services with ease. This widespread coverage ensures that you can count on Orkin to be there when you need them, no matter where you’re located in the US.

In addition to their widespread coverage, Orkin is continuously expanding their reach to provide their services to even more customers. While there is currently no operating Orkin location in Alaska, their presence in 49 states and Washington DC speaks volumes about their commitment to serving a wide range of customers.

The availability of Orkin locations across the country also means that customers can benefit from consistent, high-quality service. Since Orkin has trained and experienced technicians in multiple locations, you can trust that you’ll receive the same level of expertise and professionalism, regardless of which Orkin location you choose.

When it comes to pest control, having a reputable company with numerous locations is crucial. It provides peace of mind for homeowners who want a reliable and trustworthy pest control provider. With Orkin’s extensive network of franchise locations, homeowners can be confident that their pest control needs will be met by seasoned professionals in their area, ensuring effective and efficient pest management.

In the next section, we will discuss the pricing options offered by Orkin, allowing customers to customize their pest control plans and budgets.

Orkin Reviews

As a pest control provider, Orkin has garnered a reputation for its excellent service and effective treatments. To understand the customer experience, let’s explore reviews from various sources.

Orkin boasts an impressive score of 4.8 out of 5 stars on ConsumerAffairs, attesting to the satisfaction of many customers. Reviews on this site highlight the friendly and respectful technicians, flexible scheduling, clear communication, and, most importantly, effective treatments.

On Trustpilot, however, Orkin’s average rating drops to 1.7 out of 5 stars. Some customers have complained that their requests for refunds were ignored or refused. Others feel that they were overcharged or did not receive satisfactory service for the amount they were billed.

It is important to note that companies may selectively display positive reviews on their websites, so it is always beneficial to seek a balanced perspective. While Orkin’s score on Trustpilot is lower, it is crucial to consider the overall satisfaction expressed by the majority of customers on platforms like ConsumerAffairs.

Orkin is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and holds an A rating under its parent company, Rollins Inc. The company’s high customer rating reflects fast customer service and interactions with knowledgeable professionals. While a few negative reviews mention incomplete services, the majority of customers have shared positive experiences with Orkin.

Considering these reviews, it is evident that Orkin has developed a loyal and satisfied customer base. However, individual experiences may vary, so it is crucial to assess your own needs and preferences when choosing a pest control provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

After exploring the reputation and customer reviews of Orkin, it is clear that this pest control provider has a loyal customer base and is known for its excellent service and effective treatments. The pros and cons of Orkin’s services have been discussed, including their extensive experience, reliable service, money-back guarantee, and convenient online features. It is important to note that Orkin offers a personalized pricing structure for each customer based on their specific needs.

Customer reviews from various sources, such as ConsumerAffairs and Trustpilot, have been highlighted. Positive reviews on ConsumerAffairs praise Orkin’s friendly technicians, flexible scheduling, clear communication, and effective treatments. However, there have been some complaints on Trustpilot about ignored refund requests and overcharging. It is crucial to consider a balanced perspective when evaluating customer reviews.

While Orkin has a loyal and satisfied customer base, individual experiences may vary. It is important to assess your own needs and preferences when choosing a pest control provider. Orkin’s accreditation by the Better Business Bureau with an A rating is worth noting. Ultimately, the decision of whether Orkin is the right choice for you will depend on your specific requirements and priorities.

I highly recommend Bedbug Exterminators Queens for anyone dealing with a bedbug problem. Their technicians were knowledgeable, thorough, and courteous. Thanks to them, my home is now bedbug-free!

Michael P

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